In February of 1994, five partners in the cabinet business decided they wanted to make a difference in the cabinet industry. They believed with their 75 years of cabinet knowledge combined, they could form a cabinet company that would provide a value, with a personal touch, to all of their customers. Their goal was to deliver a quality product at a competitive price.

Over the years Legacy has continued to invest in its operation. Since 1994, we have added 5 expansion projects. While the original building consisted of just 48,000 square feet, today we are proud to boast a total of 550,000 square feet of manufacturing space. These improvements to our operation have allowed us to continue to provide you the same value with a personal touch that we have delivered since we set Legacy Cabinets in motion. We are excited that these expansions have enabled us to provide a modern assortment of cabinet products that meet the progression of todays market.


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