Q: Can I buy cabinets direct from Legacy Cabinets?

A:Legacy cabinets are available through out the United States only through our approved list of Legacy Cabinet dealers. You can find an authorized dealer by requesting that info through our website.

Q: What different types of woods do you offer in your cabinetry?

A: Legacy Cabinets offers cabinets in a variety of wood species including, maple, oak, cherry, hickory and now Rustic Hickory. Each species is offered in several standard finishes. In addition, some species are offered in glazes, color tones and distressed color tones. More information is available in our Door Styles & Finishes section of the website.

Q: I would like to see the color I'm looking to purchase on a sample and not just in a brochure. Can my dealer order me a color chip in the wood and stain or paint color that I'm looking for?

A: Yes. If you need something in a hurry, Legacy's color chips are actually done on about 8" wide pieces of moulding. This should give you a pretty good idea or representation of what the finish will look like. We can get these out in about 3 working days from order placement by your dealer. Of course one of the best ways is to order a door sample of what you are looking at, in the finish you desire. depending on your selection, this could take as much as 3 weeks to get to the dealer from date of order placement.

Q: I can't find my Legacy Cabinets product name listed on any of the literature or webpages. How do I find information about my cabinets?

A: Legacy Cabinets revised all of the cabinet names in 2008. You should contact your Legacy Cabinets dealer to supply you with the correct and current name of your product. If you still can't identify your product you can contact us through the website.

Q: Does Legacy Cabinets sell any cabinets unfinished?

A: No, Legacy Cabinets will not sell its cabinets unfinished. Legacy has some of the highest quality finishes in the industry with a wide variety to choose from.

Q: Does Legacy Cabinets guarantee its cabinets?

A: Legacy Cabinets offers a 5 year limited warranty that is one of the best in the industry. You can read about the warranty in that section of the website.

Q: How do I clean and care for my Legacy cabinets?

A: Treat your cabinetry as you would any fine furniture purchase. There are a number of products available for cleaning your wood cabinets, but we've found that mild soap and water does the job. It's economical, environmentally friendly and it's the cleaning product of choice in our factory. When finished washing, dry completely and apply a silicone-free polish. More information on care is available in our Customer Support section of the website.

Q: Does Legacy meet and adhere to the new "Green" standards?

A: Yes, we have qualified for the coveted "Environmental Stewardship Program" from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association. Click the green tree logo at the bottom of any of our web pages to find out more.

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