22 Debut Brochure V4.1

B B B.AntiquedRubbedSand-off•WormHoles A. Sand-off A THE ART OF DISTRESSING Order From3Distinct DistressedCabinet Options Choose from options A, B or C: A.Sand-off B.AntiquedRubbedSand-off•WormHoles C.DistressedAntiquedRubbedSand-off•WormHoles •ThreadMarks Legacy has developed a distressing guideline with three distinct designs, allowing you the option to decide what best fits your personal style. Like any other distressed item, no two items will look alike. ChooseFrom5MapleDoor Styles: Portofino, Athena, Catalina, Torino, and MonteCarlo Available in Executive Construction Only A 24