22 Debut Brochure V4.1

B Old-WorldHand-CraftedGlaze * Artist BrushGlaze THE ART OF GLAZING Artist BrushGlaze ImprovedConsistency Now that glazing has become available on almost every door style in the Legacy line up, more and more glazed standard overlay products are being ordered. In order to keep the consistency between the door and the face frame, we have developed a new technique, which we call “The Artists Brush”. As we all know, no two doors are alike but this technique allows us to individually work on each component one at a time, developing a distinct accent. These artistic hand painted accents emphasize the details of each profile in its own unique way. Old-WorldHand-CraftedGlaze * Consistently Inconsistent The true art of flood glazing involves an hand wiped technique that in some cases leaves behind an overlay of color, as well as accented tones of glazing in the corners and recesses of the door. As seen in the pictures, our goal is to create a specific look that we like to call, “Consistently, Inconsistent”. No two doors will look alike. Our new flood glaze process will cover the entire finished exterior of the cabinet, face frames and end panels included. * Available in Executive Construction Only 26