Legacy Debut offers an exlcusive line of mouldings & accent pieces that will truly distinguish your home

There are countless Mouldings and Accent pieces in the Debut Series  to choose from

Create a comfortably elegant setting that slows the pulse and warms the spirit. A virtual oasis that’s distinctly
yours, with an unending array of accent options.

Mantle Hoods

Chimney Hoods

Island Hoods

Fret Valance

Arch Valances

Grape Valance

Acanthus Valance

Scribe Moulding

Galley Rail Moulding

Galley Rail Moulding
Counter Edge Moulding

Corner Mouldings

Shoe Moulding

Soffit Mouldings

Crown Mouldings

Rope Moulding

Dentil Moulding

Decorative Light Valance

Grape Leaf Moulding

Egg & Dart Moulding
Radius Moulding

Light Rail Moulding

Light Trim Moulding

Panel Mouldings

Split Spools

Split Rounds

Table Legs

Furniture Feet


Onlays & Rosettes


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