Nottingham Maple in Ash and Espresso

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Athena Maple


Our photo gallery consist of real working spaces in homes all across the country. Legacy has been fortunate enough to receive these photos from our customers....which we hope will inspire you as much as they did us. Over the years Legacy has continued to push towards being America’s best cabinet manufacturer. When we see these amazing spaces, it just makes us realize that Legacy’s dream spaces do come true.Unlike traditional staged photos that you might see on the internet, we want to share our work through a “real life” photo gallery;pictures that come from real homes in the making..

This gallery is listed alphabetically by door style. To view one of our many, beautiful “real living space creations"
please click on any thumbnail below. With Legacy Cabinets, the possibilities are endless.


Athena Rustic Hickory             Athena Maple Ivory             Athena Bar             Barcelona-Maple-Amaretto-Sable  

Capri Maple             Capri Maple 3             Capri-Maple-Walnut             Durham Maple     


Durham Maple             Durham Maple             Durham-Maple-Ivory             Everest     


MonteCarlo-Maple             MonteCarlo Maple Medium             MonteCarlo-Maple-Espresso             MonteCarlo-Maple-Ivory

MonteCarlo Maple             MonteCarlo Ebony             MonteCarlo-Maple-Ivory             MonteCarlo-Maple-Ivory     


MonteCarlo Maple 2             MonteCarlo Maple             MonteCarlo-Maple             Nottingham-maple-Mocha     


Nova-Cherry-Mocha             Nova-Maple-Ivory             Nova-Maple-Walnut             Oxford-Maple-Ivory     

Nova-Cherry-Mocha             Nova-Maple-Ivory             Nova-Maple-Walnut             Oxford-Maple-Ivory     

Oxford-Maple-Ivory             Oxford-Maple-Ivory            Oxford Ebony             Oxford-Maple-Walnut   

Oxford-Maple-Ivory             Oxford-Maple-Ivory             Oxford Maple Ivory            Oxford Maple

Princeton-Maple-Bisque             Oxford-Maple-Ivory             Princeton Maple Espresso            Prescott Maple

Prescott-Maple-Keystone             Prescott Maple Mocha and Keystone             Prescott Maple Keystone and Slate            Prescott Maple Ivory

Parma-Maple-Amaretto-Sable             Parma-Maple-Amaretto-Sable 2             Portofino Maple             Portifino Maple 2     


Princeton Maple             Princeton Maple             Torino Maple              Torino Maple 2     


Torino Maple             Torino Cherry            Torino Cherry            Verona Maple                                


Verona Maple            Verona Maple            Wexford Maple           Wexford Maple 


Wexford Maple            Wexford Maple                                             


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